About Us

Andy and I met on a blind date in Dec. 2005. One of my 7th grade students was his neice, and she set us up. Go figure. We saw each other every day after that! We were engaged by June and married in September of 2006. In January, 2008, we welcomed little Ethan into our home, and in August, 2010, little Addison arrived.

Andy is a diesel mechanic at Kennecott. I taught middle school science for ten years, and am now an evidence-based learning specialist for a school district.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Princess and the Mobster

Well, it's no secret that Ethan LOVES guns. I know that we'll be arrested one day for carrying a facsimile of a weapon in a store or something. Anyway, this morning, he was walking around the house in his suit, waiting for me to finish getting ready for church, shooting his machine gun. He totally looked like a little Mobster!

I also got Addy all dolled up in this cute little dress that Grandma T bought for her. It's a hair too big, and the brown headband that I bought for her didn't fit, so we had to go with white, but I still think she looks pretty darn cute.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

State Fair

Last weekend we went to the state fair with our friends Andy and Melissa, and their kids Ayden and Morgan. We all had a great time, and I have to admit, it was just nice to get out of the house for a while. The kids especially enjoyed looking at all the animals, and just enjoyed one anothers company. Thanks Andy and Melissa for inviting us to join in on your family home evening. We really had a great time.

Little Fisherman

Andy is quite the fisherman, and Ethan is following in his footsteps. He doesn't quite have the patience for fishing, but he sure enjoys being with his dad, and reeling in his line. I think it is certainly a sport that the two of them will enjoy together for many years to come.

Splish Splash

Ethan is quite a character. He loves to entertain people, is very outgoing, and will talk to anyone. He also enjoys teasing, tickling, and making other people laugh. He is quite the little comedian. Andy was in with him in the bath tub on this particular day, and he did this all to himself to get a laugh. We love this little guy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My little Superhero

While Andy was home from work to help me with the baby, he ran plenty of errands for me, and he'd usually take Ethan so that I could have a little nap with the baby. On one of his first outings, he purchased this cute spiderman outfit. It didn't come with the mask, my mom and dad bought that for him in Mexico on their cruise, but he likes to wear them all together anyway. He WOULD NOT take this outfit off for 3 days straight, that is until Andy went back to the store and bought the Batman outfit as well. So, for 3 weeks, Ethan has been a superhero. The other picture is him in a wonderwoman cape. This was my cape when I was little, and I believe my Aunt Colleen made it for me. Anyway, he also loves to wear it. He flies around the house pretending to rescue and save everyone. Too cute.

We let him watch one of the real spiderman movies not too long ago, and he apparantly paid VERY close attention. When he had on his spiderman outfit with the mask, he came over to me, pulled the mask halfway up, and kissed me. Too cute. I love my little Superhero.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pirate Island

Addy had her first babysitter on Saturday night. Thank you Grandma T and Grandpa T for taking over for the evening so that Andy and I could spend some time with Ethan. He LOVED our pirate waiter, and loved to play all the shooting games. We collected a bunch of tickets and were able to buy him pirate tattoos, an eyepatch, a pirate hackey sack, and a few other little pirate items that he loves.

Ethan kept saying he was scared of the skeletons while we were eating dinner and was pulling the funniest faces.

On our way home, he absolutely had to have on his pirate hat and eye patch. He looks really spooky while sucking his thumb and holding his duckster doesn't he?

Addy's 2 Week Check Up

Addy is doing extremely well, and growing like a weed. She's up a pound and an inch as of her 2 week appointment last Wednesday. The doc said she's as healthy as can be, and hopefully she stays that way!

We are in love with our little Addy! She is a great eater, and is up to 4 oz. a feeding already, and usually eats every 2 hours. She only cries when we change her diaper or she's ready to eat. She sucks on your lower lip while waiting for her bottle to be prepared, and she loves to lay on her tummy. She is a very pleasant and good natured baby. Most nights she'll sleep for 4 hours at a time, and I am thanking my lucky stars for a baby who is letting me get some rest. :)

Ethan has had a bit of a rough adjustment with Addy, but today he was totally cute with her. She was crying, waiting for her bottle, and Ethan went and got her a blanket and put it on her. Such a sweet gesture, because when he is hurt or upset, he wants his blanket (duckster).

We love our two precious little ones. Funny how when they get here, it just seems like they've been with you forever.