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Andy and I met on a blind date in Dec. 2005. One of my 7th grade students was his neice, and she set us up. Go figure. We saw each other every day after that! We were engaged by June and married in September of 2006. In January, 2008, we welcomed little Ethan into our home, and in August, 2010, little Addison arrived.

Andy is a diesel mechanic at Kennecott. I taught middle school science for ten years, and am now an evidence-based learning specialist for a school district.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My baby is 2!

I can't believe out little Addy is 2 years old already.  It just seems like yesterday we were snuggling a new born.

We had her birthday party last night, and were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa A and Grandma and Grandpa T there to celebrate with us!

 Addy was a little scared of the lit candles on her cake, so you can kind of see the anxiety on her face here.  If you didn't know, you'd think she was excited!

 She didn't care too much about eating the cake either, but she did eat oooooodles of ice cream.  In fact, she had thirds!  I figured what the heck . . . it's her birthday . . . she can eat as much ice cream as she wants!
 Once her tummy was full of ice cream, she was ready to do some celebrating, so on to present opening we went!
 Grandma and Grandpa T bought her music toys.  Two super cute books that both play music, as well as this adorable piano with a microphone.  Addy LOVES anything that has to do with music.
 Grandma and Grandpa A gave her a super cute princess outfit and this baby doll, which she LOVES!
 Mom and Dad gave her a doctor kit for her dolls, bottles for her dolls, and some princess lego's (not pictured, because she didn't even acknowledge them :(

All in all, it was a great little party!

A few fun things about little Miss . . . 

She is full of spunk, she is not shy at all, she LOVES to dance and listen to music, she climbs out the dog door REGULARLY to get outside to play in the playhouse or the sand box, she LOVES to copy her big brother, she loves to play with other kiddos.  Some of her favorite things . . . shoes, strawberries, music, her princess chair, milk, pasta, and cookies! :)