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Andy and I met on a blind date in Dec. 2005. One of my 7th grade students was his neice, and she set us up. Go figure. We saw each other every day after that! We were engaged by June and married in September of 2006. In January, 2008, we welcomed little Ethan into our home, and in August, 2010, little Addison arrived.

Andy is a diesel mechanic at Kennecott. I taught middle school science for ten years, and am now an evidence-based learning specialist for a school district.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday ANDY!

Andy's big 30th birthday was yesterday! I made him a pirate cake, and a treasure map to find his presents! Of course, since we can never wait, he opened his presents a few days early! Oh well. We gave him epoxy coating for the garage floor! Hopefully it will turn out nice.

We got a baby sitter and went out on a date! We get pretty excited about having some time to ourselves! We went out to lunch, and to a movie . . . Ghosttown. It was pretty funny! We had a great time!


Jethro said...

Holy creative Leslie. That is intense celebrating. Good thing you let him open the presents early, because making him follow a treasure map to get them is pretty rude.

Suzanne said...

Leslie, you are so creative! I bet Andy just loved it. Hope he had a fun B-day. Ethan looks adorable in his monkey outfit :) Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Lisa said...