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Andy and I met on a blind date in Dec. 2005. One of my 7th grade students was his neice, and she set us up. Go figure. We saw each other every day after that! We were engaged by June and married in September of 2006. In January, 2008, we welcomed little Ethan into our home, and in August, 2010, little Addison arrived.

Andy is a diesel mechanic at Kennecott. I taught middle school science for ten years, and am now an evidence-based learning specialist for a school district.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Zoo

My friend Rachel and I decided that it would be a good idea to take the kids to the zoo back in early June, when we had a significant cool down in the weather!  We pulled into the parking lot and decided everyone else in Utah had the same thought.  The parking lot was packed, the zoo was packed, and we had to park at least a mile away.  So, we packed up the kiddos and walked down to the zoo.  We decided once we got there that we need a 2 to 1, adult to kid ratio when going to any public place! :)  Charlie and Ethan weren't too bad, but miss Addy was a handful.  

Ethan cracks me up, and was a little scared to get his picture taken while getting a drink from the Lion's mouth.  This is a classic photo op though, so I made him do it.  Can you tell he looks uncomfy?  I'm a great parent too.  It ended up being only like 72 at the zoo, and with the wind it was a little cold for my kids to be dressed the way they were.  I should have had them in jackets.  

 We stopped and got a bite to eat in the new restaurant that overlooks the elephant habitat.  It was pretty awesome!

 Here is Adds!  It's one of the few times that she actually stayed in the wagon or the stroller.  She wanted to be SUPER helpful and push, instead of ride.

 Ethan was SUPER excited to see the Giraffe's and really didn't care to see much else while at the zoo.  He asked at least 1000 times when we'd get to see the giraffe.  So, here he is, viewing the much anticipated giraffe!  When we went to the cool zoo in AZ when visiting uncle Colby, he got to feed a giraffe.  I'm assuming this is why he's so fascinated by them now.

Shortly after this picture, we loaded up in the stroller, and somehow, we managed to lose Addy's shoe.  I'm super upset about this.  They were the softest little sandals and Addy LOVED wearing them.  She is SUPER picky about shoes, but would put this pair on all the time.  Oh well!

Thanks Rach for coming with us, and helping to entertain my two twits! :)